Aviation and Air Traffic Control advisory to the Film Industry


Over 30 years’ experience in the aviation industry with extensive knowledge of general and commercial aviation, flight deck procedures and environment, air traffic control, and airport operations. Previous advisory engagements in audio and video development for academic and high-level commercial purposes, constantly achieved technical accuracy within an environment where this was an absolutely non-compromisable production requirement.

By working with you and acknowledging your budget, specific script and storyline goals, we ensure the aviation elements of your production contain maximum realism and technical accuracy. From script development through on-set production, our aviation consultancy and advisory will provide the authenticity and genuineness required to add credibility to your production, rather than risking it be diminished through inaccurate or unrealistic dialogue or film set components.

Aviation / aerospace subject matter expertise guidance can be provided in the following production areas:

Aviation Advisory to the Film Industry
Script writing and editing	Voice-over	Talent / Extras
Set design and characteristics	Actor language / script delivery / aviation voice technique / training	Audio / sound effects selection, implementation and mixing

Expertise includes exemplary communication and stakeholder engagement skills, concept development, strategic planning, technical writing, training, OHS, safety risk and management, audio and video editing and broad-based IT skills.

John, our Managing Director and Lead Consultant’s approach is always based on a strong analytical, advisory and solution-focussed mindset.